Disclaimers & Copyrights

This is a personal web site

This is my personal web site. It is not affiliated with any other person or organization. The material on this web site does not reflect the views of any organization or person, including any companies, groups or people I have been associated with. The material on this web site does not even necessarily reflect my beliefs or views. My past and present employers, schools and other affiliations have no relationships with this web site.

The content here is copyrighted

Most of the material in my website is my own work. You need my permission to reproduce it for whatever reason. The other material is either public domain or has been reproduced with permission. Please ask me if you have any doubts or questions.

The following applies to my works posted on my site: Any similarities to other material would be coincidental. Since my thoughts are also based on what I’ve learned from others, I do not claim any material here to be unique. These are my views and my philosophy. However, I do not guarantee them to be true nor do I claim that my lifestyle is governed by these principles.

The following applies to other’s work posted on my site: This work has been posted here with the author or copyright holder’s permission. I do not claim to share their feelings.

Privacy policy

I respect your privacy and request you to please respect mine. Since this is a personal web site, I do not yet have a formal privacy policy.

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