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Transition Phase of Indian Men

This is entire new world where Indian men are trying to fit themselves towards the extended roles. I shall say that men are becoming more flexible for adapting new roles as society structure is changing. I see lots of young generation people who earn higher qualification around metro cities and start their career. They start living with their college friends and after marriage they start living a family man. When we say family there are no parents as we have already lost culture of joint family way back and there is no space for them.

This man was freely wandering around metro city, now start playing responsible role. He becomes more quite, serious about career so less job hopping. Men are taking roles in household jobs as earlier it was supposed for women. Now, good number of women has started contributing to disposable income of family. This plays a vital role in national economics and politics too. Gender politics is not new thing, but there is lot to see in future. All these things start forcing men to change. Men in metropolitan cities feel pressure to change or achieve more in professional and social life. I am not saying that men in the small cities are not facing this change, but they have less pressure proportionately. Men feel that they should be wealthy or powerful. They try to find out new ways to be attractive and competitive otherwise woman will choose better alternative. It was always difficult to take direction from women in our society. In my early career life, I was not comfortable to accept decision or guidance from a woman. But gradually, I learned that and we started to respect each other. On the contrary, men need more time to accept domestic equilibrium.

You can see the change in the society like less domestic violence and significant rise of women domination. Again this could be a break down point where men are not able to find respectable place. So finding that dimension is very important for both and this will definitely make our society more balanced and responsible.

By – Rajeev Misra


4 thoughts on “Transition Phase of Indian Men


    I this is aptly true in today’s scenario……..and I want to add somthing …….
    In any patriarchal society the relation between men and women remains unequal and this has been continuing rather as a legacy. We may recall that in the earlier days men were the real wage earners and for that the women, barring very few instances, were regarded as subordinates.However the scene has almost changed nowadays where the men and women are equal and to some extent wife dominations have become largely visible. There are in fact several families in the metro cities of India where both of the couple do services and this leads to the saga of wife domination.


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